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Acupuncture, with a history of more than 3,000 years, is based on the belief that a certain life-force energy (Qi, pronounced “chi”) flows throughout your body along energy pathways called meridians. When the flow of Qi becomes blocked or unbalanced at any point on a pathway this is what leads to illness.


The goal of acupuncture is to unblock and rebalance the flow of Qi to stimulate the body’s own ability to return to healthy functioning.


Wei Fan, L.Ac., EAMP, LMP has many years of healing experience as an independent license acupuncturist  – Chakra Healing Acupuncture, LLC, the main practice office is in Bellevue. He started his training on Chakra healing 15 years ago. He later graduated from Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine with a master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2015. This degree includes a study in acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.

Because of his unique training, he utilizes a hybrid physical and energetic human model to guide his treatment protocols. He is most noted for his unique assessment of layered blockages of the body that may manifest with different symptoms. His treatments include a combination of acupuncture, cupping, TuiNa, GuaSha, Chinese herbal medicine, and energy work.

Through his treatment, he gives the patient super-practical, actionable guidance so they can feel great, take care of their bodies, and actually enjoy the process.

Dr. Fan is now offering his acupuncture service as an independent practitioner at Evergreen Massage & Wellness office.

He is currently accepting new clients with the following insurance:

  • Regence 

  • Premera 

  • Aetna PPO

All acupuncture claims will be filed by Dr. Fan independently. The patient can schedule the acupuncture treatment through our online booking service, but the practitioner will be solely responsible for insurance billing, accepting payment and any health history related paperwork. If you have any questions regarding your acupuncture treatment, please contact Wei Fan, L.Ac directly at (425) 295-8299. 

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